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Sci-fi adventure otome game

Gilded Shadows is a full-length visual novel game created by Steamberry Studio. It is a science fiction fantasy game that blends the solarpunk and cyberpunk aesthetics to create a unique romantic adventure. The game follows an awakening Esper named Morgan who was caught between two groups aiming for her supernatural ability. Throughout the game, the player can explore different factions—and even start a romantic story—with the choices they make. 

Find love in a dangerous world

Gilded Shadows is an otome game that is set in a dangerous and fantastical world. As mentioned, it follows Morgan Leone, an Esper running away from various factions who are after her abilities. All these organizations sent operatives to win her over. With several paths—and several people—opened to her, Morgan must choose whose side will she join. She must make careful choices to survive.

Aside from Morgan, the game also introduces nine love interests that the MC can pursue. Each love interest will have their stand-alone character routes that players can follow through. There will be at least three possible endings per route, so depending on your choices, you can create a romantic story with your chosen love interest. It could also lead to betrayal and death. Each route will have more than 100,000 words, and you can track your progress through the story using flowcharts. 

This title is an interactive game, unlike any other. For one, you will have nine different stories that you can explore and create. More than that, you will have full control of your MC—not just on how her story flows but on her appearance and personality, as well. You can select the skin tone and hair colors. You can even choose her personality tendencies, which will affect how your MC reacts to the things around her. Note, however, that each personality has two sides—and your choices will greatly affect the narrative of the game. 

Create your own adventure

For fans of otome games, Gilded Shadows is a good game to play as it gives a lot of romantic avenues to explore. More than the nine love interests, the game also introduces interesting and well-developed side characters that will affect how the story goes. It also has an expansive setting that spans various sci-fi aesthetics and great character design. Overall, the game has a lot of wonderful hooks.


  • Good story concept
  • Great visuals
  • Nine love interests to pursue
  • Customizable MC


  • Contains mature content

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Gilded Shadows


Gilded Shadows 5.0 for Mac

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